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Monday, October 23, 2017 12:00 AM

Report calls for end to practice allowing pols to hold two offices

Sen. Robert Singer of Jackson (R-Dist. 30), the only Jewish Republican in the state Senate and the only Jewish politician among New Jersey’s dual-office-holding state legislators, pooh-poohed the importance of the issue.


“Let’s put it in proper perspective,” said Singer, who also sits on the Lakewood Township Committee in Ocean County. He noted that there are a total of just 39 dual officeholders in New Jersey, a state with perhaps 6,000 elected officials. “The numbers are not rampant. This is not breaking the state financially. This is typical hype,” he said.


Perhaps if the offices in question were full-time positions, there would be a downside to dual office holding, Singer said. But they are part-time positions, he said, and every time the voters elect him, they know they are electing a state senator who is also a member of the Lakewood Township Committee.
“It’s not a hidden factor,” he said. “I probably have a closer relationship with my constituents because I’m a local elected official. It’s not a big deal.”


Bob is one of the few elected officials to receive a state pension and salary from the state at the same time. Bob makes more money from your tax dollars than the average household income in his district.


Here is claims to be one of us. Is he?

Sunday, October 22, 2017 12:00 AM

Where is Bob? Island Heights!

Many people thought it was odd that we are calling out Senator Singer on his residency. Many people felt that the way that we did it was even stranger. I agree. But sometimes you have to do things in an unconventional way when all other conventional methods fail.

Voter registration records are publicly available from the State of NJ. If you run for office you must file certified statements as to your address. For both Bob lists 1463 Massachusetts Avenue in Lakewood. His wife also is registered to vote at that Lakewood address. You can look up me and my Husband as well. We both reside in Howell and are registered at the home that we actually live in. You can also drive by the house and see our cars there and our lackluster landscaping.

The NJ Constitution provides: "No person shall be a member of the Senate who shall not have attained the age of thirty years, and have been a citizen and resident of the State for four years, and of the district for which he shall be elected one year, next before his election."

And there is case law on this, one for example, challenging Carl Lewis from being eligible to run because he was not a resident of the State for 4 years. The point is that these rules are not a game and they are not a joke. If you are a seated, incumbent, Senator, you are charged with a greater knowledge of the law. In Singer's own words, "There is a certain respect you have to have to run for office." In my opinion Singer does not have that respect for our Constitution. He is renting an address for purposes of being able to claim that he is a resident of Lakewood and it is quite clear that no one is residing at that address.

To be clear, I have no faith that anyone will take any action. The head of every agency in Ocean County that would be responsible to take issue with Singer, is, you guessed it, affiliated with his party. The Democrats have out right refused to pursue this because they don't believe that challenges like this are effective.

I have specifically asked Bob in writing and in person to tell the truth about where he resides. He outright lied when we were at the APP last week for an interview. He refused to specifically answer the question as to whether he lived at the Massachusetts Avenue address. Rather he just claimed that he has two homes. Well, I think you can see the difference in the two homes. One is literally a shell. The other is loved and lived in.

The question you have to ask is whether or not our public servants should lie and cheat about something as basic as where they live? If they are lying about residency how can we trust them on bigger issue? If he doesn't live in the district how can he understand the day to day issues we face. Bob thinks I'm mean to him. Better to be mean than a liar.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 12:00 AM

Bob Singer and the Private Schools of Lakewood

Bob Singer doesn't want to pay to educate the "black" public school kids of Asbury at a cost of $33,000 per student, but he has no problem sponsoring a bill to subsidize private religious schools in Lakewood. He barked at the editor of the APP about paying for those kids in Jersey City and Atlantic City and bailing out those communities, but not Lakewood. He complained about the high number of special needs children in Lakewood, but failed to mention the SCHI director under indictment for fraud. Bob supports pumping more money into the PRIVATE schools in Lakewood. Bob seems to surround himself with people being investigated for fraud...including Ocean County party boss George Gilmore. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017 12:00 AM

2016-2017 ACLU of New Jersey Scorecard

The ACLU of New Jersey just published their scorecard for New Jersey's State Senators & Assemblypeople. They gave Senator Bob Singer a 50% rating.

Friday, October 20, 2017 12:00 AM

NJ Election: District 30 Senate race is 'just not nice'

As Lakewood grows and changes, so should its legislative leadership, one candidate for state Senate argues.

That's the stance championed by Amy Sara Cores, a Democrat running for the seat anchored by Republican Sen. Robert W. Singer, who has served decades in the Legislature. 

Singer, 69, is a bank executive who lives in Lakewood. Cores, 43, is lawyer who lives in Howell. Both want to serve the 30th District, which includes parts of Ocean and Monmouth counties.

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