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What I will say though is that your statement just rubbed me the wrong way because your comment s just seemed to ridicule the concept of marriage.

Exactly it was joke, not implying I cheat on my wife. If it was about playing golf they would have someone from the LPGA on there. Hot sexy nude pics. Amanda balionis naked. Wasn't she even on a cover of a golf magazine? She's on the air for her looks. I flipped the tv on yesterday and seen Holly, Darren, and somebody else doing their in studio shot.

This is a discussion board and we're human. Her leaving GC was in hindsight a bad career move. I honestly have no problem with her. I thought she looked fine on TGC and played several roles - she actually knew what she was talking about. The attention that a short dress or overly tight or low cut shirt generates?

And so you came back to use up the last of them?: Comments in her have lived up to that stereotype. Can you say downhill? I don't think the late Roger Ailes would have freaked her out That said, I believe you are correct that she would not be on tv given her current skill set if she wasn't as dedicated to her appearance as she is. Exotic girl fucked. Ive stated a few times that i hated Bubbas stupid face, guess thats close.

Her dress didn't leave anything to the imagination though. I don't watch a lot of NFL games, but she seems to dropped out of the limelight. You sound like an immature person saying that 99 out of people would cheat on their wives with another woman. My feelings for people like Holly are much the same. Maybe my standards are just too high I guess but 8" waist with plastic 36DDs and enough makeup to outfit a dance recital is just not attractive to me.

I don't think her outfits are inappropriate, although one might cite her for questionable taste in the studio. A movable weight would come in handy The same Fox who would not let their female anchors wear pants until just recently.

She hasn't minded using her body to make all kinds of sexy poses many of them floating around nor has minded falsely enhancing her body to do even more of it. I sort of view these comments as the same - in jest.

This directly relates to her job.

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You must be proud: I bet she returns to GC when her contract is up, which hopefully is soon, I liked watching her legs in the morning. They might be smaller in bust size, but so what I'm not a big fan of them taking it to the extreme because I think it takes away from the golf and the intent of the view is different in many cases.

That's fine she looks like a sad clown. Amazing indian tits. I think she did ok with the segment. Is it better if I say that I find her commentary and interviews absolutely terrible, which has nothing to do with her general appearance, despite the fact that if she was "average" she wouldn't be on the air?

You rarely see such comments made about men who hold similar positions. Natalie haven't gotten grief for too revealing clothesas much as just her looks or body.

I never liked him and wondered what happened to him. And that's the sad part. Amanda balionis naked. My feelings for people like Holly are much the same. She's marketed herself this way and is only where's she at because of said marketing. I thought every marriage had that one person card. Lisbon lesbian bars. Just because woman call me simple doesn't mean it's the case. More money for less work.

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I think it's one thing to say "her interviewing skills need work" I remember when somebody said something about Kevin Stadler being not TV worthy because of his weight. That said still prettier than plenty others. I am seriously not sure if you understand what marriage is. I wasted too many of the few brain cells I have left on this last week.

Next thing you're gonna tell me is the best movies always win the oscars right? I prefer a more natural look. If I really need to see that sort of thing, I've got a keyboard handy. She was very good at asking questions when she golfed with Pros for 9 holes - it was entertaining and informative.

I mean not so much that she deserves to be hated upon imo. Japanese lesbian oil massage. She seemed capable at TGC, but something happened when she went to Fox. But this brief list from Wikipedia is all on his ability. Both of which I find very underwhelming. I'm not gonna argue bud but pretty much anyone who watched the World Series last year realized how bad he was other than delusional cardinal fans.

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I think the same is true of men, they may not be trying as hard, but you don't typically see balding guys I they 20s with a broken nose getting into the TV business. Yes, but she is a "what-a-body", not a no-body. Girl gets fucked by black dick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Money can buy a lot of things despite what those without money like to tell you!

I think it's one thing to say "her interviewing skills need work" On GC she was natural and looked good These last 4 days? But keep up the moralizing. I think Holly is attractive but the hair and outfit is a bit much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I remember one guy on NY radio that might have even been fired over it, said that one of the female sideline reporters was 10 lbs away from being a server at a pizza place.

I think she's very hot, it's too bad she didn't stick with GC, she was the queen on that channel and was adored by millions every day, now she's non-existent, bad move on her part but I guess it was worth a swing to be more. Unfortunately those tight ass dresses are her golden ticket. But he still deserves credit for what he did once given a chance.

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