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My friend has had the Ultra model for about 6 months now. Thinking I'm going to gut the Plexi chassis and put a in the circuit, and then start modding to make the amp smoother and "bigger". Adult xxx dvd. They both make sense to me because I've dealt with both of them recently too. It almost sounds like the best Marshall you ever heard after it winds up on tape and after mastering, if that makes any sense.

The time now is Your name or email address: Mar 2, Messages: It's kind of like what you hear in Paul Gilberts Mr Big tone, that very smooth thick sound, only a much more complex and articulate version.

Its the closest thing I had heard to the sound in my head. Friedman naked amp. The clean channel is very serviceable too I think it is just the onset of GAS. It was my main sound out of the Bogner but a little less compressed and more percussive, with a more even, smoother midrange that was a delight to play. Since I am going to build it in a combo, I am going to use.

Yes, my password is: But in practicality, many of them go unused which means I paid more than I should have for the amp. A simple design, 2 channels with b,m,t gain and master for each channel. Mickie james big tits. Jul 31, This has been a long time coming as I've owned and been gigging with this amp for the last two months or so. Results 1 to 15 of Jul 1, Jul 20, 1. Try 2x12s, 4x12s, closed back, open back, and partially open back cabinets. On the back is one of Dave's great switchable master volumes so I can toggle between two different levels, one for Rhythm and one for lead.

Jon SilbermanJan 3, Dec 17, Messages: And check out a Roccaforte sometime. The great thing about it was that it didn't fatigue your ears too fast like some Marshalls do, and it even sounded great at levels that would normally stop the soundman from complaining but leave you disappointed! Recent events require us to remind our members that this is a privately owned, run and supported forum. I plugged in to Friedman modded Marshall up Lugo's studio and that thing was beastly.

What would you guess is going on under the hood? You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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The Axe standard is pretty cheap in the used market.

I believe the Naked is a Naylor preamp of some description into a Marshall power amp. Catalina cruz nude pics. Jul 27, Now I am just saving for the rest of the parts.

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Jul 31, Revisiting this thread after seeing an add in Premier Guitar for one. I think the word is bangarang? After listening to me, he led me over to this amp that basically looked like a new JMP, or a modded Marshall type. That is certainly a nice amp. I have a Fender 75 which is awesome for clean tones, but I've got nothing that will really cut the heavy stuff.

Should be an octa fuzz thrown in there for some parts of his songs. Same with the mid and presence knobs. Feel free to give this a try. This amp isn't a jack of all trades, it does it's own thing. Picture a sound you could listen to for hours at high volume with little to no ear fatigue.

Turn the presence OFF, the amp sounds great, very smooth, turn it all the way up, it still sounds great only different. Lovette big tits. The Friedman stuff is insanely good. Friedman naked amp. Your name or email address: As such, rules and standards of conduct will be applied that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire. Seems like it could crush with a Single Coil set up. Originally Posted by mojomkr.

I use a 12AT7 in parallel. I can't really dial it out, but I live with it. I identify with a couple of the points you've made. But in practicality, many of them go unused which means I paid more than I should have for the amp. Sexy girl sex com. Nov 19, Messages: Its the closest thing I had heard to the sound in my head.

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