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Sims 3 naked patch

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O's Detailed Vagina and Reworked Butts: Or maybe I upload my config file and someone try it out?

Something must have gone wrong and a wrong hair got assigned to your sim's nude outfit. Hot sexy jamaican girls. There's some presets people made for it. But the problem is some sims go nude with weird clothes like with leather top and nude bottom, nude top with jean bottom or full outfit. Sims 3 naked patch. They will get whatever hair is assigned in the naked outfit.

I did install the Pets one, and I have Pets installed, so it's not a "downloading the wrong file" problem. I've found sims that have that trait don't usually get naked. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? If you open a brothel in residential lot. Terms of Service Site map Best viewed with. Want to add to the discussion? As we know, that Animated Woohoo triggered by flirting change. What do I do? Better Male Muscle Mesh: That's a shot through the heart of awesomeness mixed with sweet.

The draft tutorial is still a kind of confusing I just installed a Sims 3 censor remover but i don't want it anymore. Naked lunch play. CloudStrife CloudStrife 8 years ago 7 Seriously, where's the "always nude" trait?

Sims 3 naked patch

Sims will have sex wherever they want: And I'll take a look at the Package mod when I get a moment! Posted November 26, I tried the Pets version only expansion I have and it doesn't seem to work. This is just my guess. I don't understantd how the hair from the naked outfit can be different than from the other outfit since the sims where created in CAS with only one hair locked.

X-rated content is possible and widely used in The Sims community The main intent of this article is to equip responsible parents with the knowledge and techniques to ascertain whether your children might be using any game mods that you might object to.

And also reworked butts to make it more detail and rounder especially at the butt crack. Cache files help speed up various operations in the game however over time, these files accumulate out-of-date data and its a good idea to delete them every once in a while. Most likely either your sim has default hair assigned in the nude outfit, or the custom hair is not enabled for nude.

That you're clicking on the currently selected sim or that you're clicking on one particular sim? I don't have Medieval, so I can't.

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Submit a new text post. Yes I am using the new location, but no I do not get a popup. Milf fuck and squirt. Thanks for the update. I have installed the 1. Original EA nude mesh, especially the breast shape have the same breast shape as bra and bikini mesh.

Maybe you are forgot to put resource. This is a disaster You can try using a mod that lets you edit the Nude outfit: All mods should be installed in Documents only, and you should remove all setup files from Program Files.

Posted October 14, Please explain - does the "Get Naked" option not show up? You can get someone to do it for you. Those folders are examples!

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The main modding community and download site, both mods and cc. Gonna use this guide to get me into Sims 3 sex mods! Posted October 13, If you feel lost, I can recommend some of them:. Sims 3 naked patch. Aggressive lesbian milf. Posted September 18, Thanks a lot for your answer.

When I start the game, I get a window popup saying "Mod scripts found" with the Get Naked script listed Notes optional; required for "Other": The mod itself does not require any extra tweaking of the directory. Close your game if it is currently running. I use a few NRAS mods but they are all at the latest version I've done everything short of removing every mod but yours. And also reworked butts to make it more detail and rounder especially at the butt crack.

For the installation guide, check ModFrenzy's Guide. Make the game run smoother and out of problems. You can find all custom face and body slider links here. CloudStrife CloudStrife 8 years ago 7 Seriously, where's the "always nude" trait? Do I have to configure anything?

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Making sex nude What age and gender is the sim?
JOHN ABRAHAM NUDE VIDEO You can use Master Controller to get kama simtra skill instantly and start the business. You should not be running Sims 3 when attempting to install this mod, as doing so could cause errors or bugs, or even game corruption. I'll look at doing a check in my script to avoid duplicates, and thanks for reporting this.
Rad girls naked Cock adjustments on males doesn't show up. Make females nude, Make females topless with nipples, Make female pantsless, Make males nude, Make males topless, Make female teens nude and Make female teens topless with nipples! If you don't know how to do this than head to the FAQ and read the guide.

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