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Even with some of the cool features Home is supposed to have, I'm going to have to agree with you. Stunning nude galleries. I think I may have bought the wrong kind of Wii Parent reviews for Skate 3. Whoopady do a fake cartoon game character being nude isn't a big deal. Xbox avatar naked. If you look at the sites review and instantly don't want to buy this for your child then I'm sorry but this game is just fine.

Or well, maybe not the console version I guess since it breaks the one thing that makes The Sims 3 on PC great. Why is no one asking "Will you play XBox One in your crappy ugly everyday clothes?

Last week my friends live account got hacked and the hacker put all this hardcore porn on it and changed all the friends list. Snoop, if that's targeted at home, all I can say to you is that Home will be heavily moderated, and i'm pretty sure that sort of thing won't happen. Honestly, I doubt you'd get banned for it, at least based off the images I've seen of her lol. Writing your concern to Sony would do us a whole hell of a lot better than complaining about it here.

Hopefully it can tell me what this lump is. Nude mud sex. Snoop, that's a different matter, but parents should do some research first in what they were giving their kids. Read our detailed rules for more. It was sooo funny because his mum saw it and was disgusted. It's really pathetic how many worthless parents there are in this country.

If that's the case, our temp bans shouldn't count against us. The question is, are people actually going to use the report system? Lowfyr Follow Forum Posts: Humanity Follow Forum Posts: But, neither of us know anyhting for sure I'm assuming you weren't in on the Home beta either so we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Sony is deliberatly creating an enviroment in which peadophiles can share video and pictures and not get caught. Agree 6 Disagree 3. The mom is only half to blame though, the other half lays at the feet of the pervs. That Dateline special they ran not too long ago was funny and sad at the same time. You want nudity go play GTA. However I'm hesitant to keep it because I'm unsure if you could consider it sexual in nature.

Agree 4 Disagree 0. I went into settings to change my gamerpic, and didn't see it. Hot naked lesbians kissing. For the sake of clarity, I'm agnostic.

If you'd like an entirely custom gamerpic in this style, pm me and we can discuss drawing one for you. I watch my kid play this often and play it myself every now and then, it is great fun to watch and play.

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Oh, you so dirty, Xbox. Had useful details 7. Kurt angle nude. I'd bet my life if enough people report it it will be removed, so don't do too good in multiplayer or the kids will get it gone with their reports.

But also one thing is to be mentioned that Xbox Live provides with very high level of digital communication so this is missued. Also not only thes kids ruin themselves but they mostly ruin the matches on Live by jumping instantly from one match to another giving awkward commnents etc. Xbox Live is no different than other online communities.

When did it happen to you? Informizely customer feedback surveys. Parent Written by Tristan C. That is not true. Had useful details 8. Xbox avatar naked. Milf bikini blowjob. Adult Written by Superbro March 23, I knew my would come in handy one day.

Tireyo Follow Forum Posts: I'd be at my friends place, so no. Agree 0 Disagree 3. How ever if you want the ultimate experience I suggest taking an out door shower. And yes there is a 'suicidal' game-mode Bloodshedder d ago what are you talking abouth! AiurFlux Follow Forum Posts: Just about every other 3D avatar-based online world isn't heavily moderated. This topic is locked from further discussion.

Halo 3 has no video ability. For the sake of clarity, I'm agnostic. I mean if it's excessive, talk to the person or the person in charge of the club.

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Zeik Follow Forum Posts: There was nothing wrong with it! Helped me decide 8. Naked milf in bondage. Actually they ban by MAC address.

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