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Kay bear nude pics

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Throw me a bone! Paper bag would get more likes than someone with actual skill. Maybe Loonie thinks making a thread would pinpoint her when she's already given herself away dozens of times.

It's only going to get worse. Chinese xxx fuck. Kay bear nude pics. I know this dumb bitch thinks she has power but it's gone. Also take a look at our other cow Luna, she does coke and she's still pretty hammy. PNG That cheap plain eBay corset and knit leggings…. A product of ourselves that most are still discovering. Just sit back and laugh Sage for contributing to this nonsense. How embarassing to look so much older than someone 10 years your senior.

It's one thing to lie or be private about plastic surgery jobs, but the hypocrisy of spreading false rumors and shit talking others for the exact same thing she has done is what bothers most people. Admins you guys banned Ember and Emily over this shit can we please nuke this thread? Swimsuit seriously go get killed by a bus. Sexy and funny nude. It looks so tacky! They are not posting about you because they literally don't care about you. You girls are fucking crazy and have nothing to fall back on after people get fed up with you.

Luna hardly posts but the others are always bitching or shading. It really looks like a halloween store outfit. Luna, this is a personal note to you: I don't understand the obsession with using pictures 2 to 3 years old, do you think people are stupid and don't go on her Instagram? Get off of here and go back to school. No one is kissing her ass. I dont give a fuck. GIF Gif proving her tits are fake and hard cantaloupes. That's what happens when you admittedly go get tattoos from trailer park trash while someone is coming off a night of drinking… She literally admitted to getting her tramp stamp this way on that Philly D interview.

It all began in Mariah's 6th thread after a twitter fight where Mariah called out Luna for being trash: Ill take with 2 dykeass bitches and write a book on it just to prove my point! PNG Take a look at the Queen who's going to rule in the next few years. And luna if you have properties here in LA then why do you habe botched boobs.

Kay bear nude pics

It is obvious she does it herself she has no clue what she is doing in photoshop. She's also posting more cosplays than any of these ugly bitches.

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Plus I think Luna knows that Nigri is better looking than she is and it really bothers her.

Also who the fuck is this new girl Luna's hating on? Cause at this point it's not longer funny to watch her sperg out with the same nonsensical insults. Evidence is obvious that she is being targeted but does she care anymore? How dumb does she think people are? Plus she chooses the most cosplayed characters. Big tits strap on. Too bad she will only end up taking a lot of dick being in Jessica's group of disgusting hoes. Anyone with a brain knows it's her since she posted screenshots from her own phone of texts she got but her fans the few who arent bots she purchased are dumb as fucking rocks.

Why do the mods protect Kay and Nigri so much on here? You are not a special unique flower, more than 5 people in the world hate you, trust me. From an artistic standpoint, I'm sorry, but loonies tattoos look like shit and she herself even said she is lazering them off so obviously she thinks so too.

Photos have been posted so nice try again. Kay bear nude pics. Nigri has the worst job at all I think her father must have done them. Pic related is how crazy I imagine Luna looks like irl, shitposting here all today. You are vapid as fuck if you think posting an innocent person's who doesn't even post here dead mother's pictures accompanied by heinous captions in the post would ONLY offend Kay or Kay's friends? You're arguing with yourself for fucks sake.

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Shes old and used up now. No more will you be allowed to further endanger the security of countless individuals for your promotion. 3 inch nude wedges. She's with some guy in California obv.

You have been stalking her for years. Plus at least her tattoos are hidden unlike Nigris awful wifi signal she got with her man child. And using VPNs doesn't mean your invisible, retard. Jesus please learn to hide your bias a little better if you ever want to be taken seriously. And that's really saying something. Give people real facts because you sound like a psycho. Skinny girls with massive tits. You can discuss the update here. I wouldn't be surprised if the admins from that lame ass momocon convention post here.

You're not fooling anyone into thinking you're multiple people.

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