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This smells wonderful on my best friend. 3 girls fucking each other. The only downside to this perfume is the sillage and longevity. Rihanna nude 2014. This is a great fragrance!!! The tropical note is pretty lovely and, as a rare case, not coconut.

A good, solid "like" from me! The fruit, orchid, and sandalwood doesn't appear to be a good combination for my nose. It is sweet, and soft. So it might be just me. This fragrance is actually my favorite from her line.

The plasticky note that gardenia can sometimes have is very strong in this fragrance. Give this a try, you will like it, I'm sure. Both of them smell nice sexy and classy! I usually wear this in the day time or before I go to bed. It has a elegant summer vacations feeling to it. Huge massive tits porn. Now, I am looking forward to Rogue! If you've ever smelled Reb'l Fleur or Rebelle by Rihanna, this scent is definitely a step down on the intensity scale.

But all in all, smells nice, like a warm out of the shower clean scent. The bottle design is kind of hard to spray due to the very skinny long bottle neck.

However, when I dab a bit on top of Angel Muse, it's just stunning! I think this is the best one out of all her perfumes! But, I was compelled to try it again with a feeling that I judged it harshly too soon. And Rogue love also It is spot on. I can't pick apart any specific notes in this though. I'll probably go ahead and get the edp next, although I am very impressed with the fragrance and longevity of the cheap body mist so far anyway!

There's something immediately fresh about the composition that makes it far from cloying. I love it though, it definitely smells like what someone could smell like naturally. It's very soft and has a weak silage but I think she intentionally made it this way because she even said that this perfume is very sensual and it is in a sense. Nude by Rihanna is the third perfume from the disturbia singer. I really enjoy the "second skin musk" component, which truly lends a nuzzly, sexy vibe.

Like all Rihanna scents and many celebrity scents being released today, it's of surprisingly good quality. Amateur nude selfie pics. The sandalwood note is noticeable and believable.

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The first gorgeous wafts of guava!

Which is one of the places I applied it. The fruit combo was too much for me and I love sweet scents but this combo didn't smell good on my skin for about the first 20 mins. Hot blonde milf masturbating. I find that very refreshing. It reminds me a little of the muskiness of Tom Ford White Suede or the powderiness sp? It's a soft sweet scent that is kept from being too gourmand by fruits. I like Rhianna's take on the premise of a "nude" scent-it lies close to the skin and invites closer inspection.

It opens with a soft sweet note that smells to me like ripe cantaloupe. This will last you about 8 hours which is pretty impressive. Wasn't bad, but wasn't impressive either. Hours later I was just going to see if nude was still there, when I smelled something very familiar, and lovable. Nude is definitely a sample before you buy. Japanese naked women photos. Rihanna nude 2014. I am quite sure that guys would love this sweet orchid bomb.

What would have made this a great scent for me is some smokiness. I could possibly prefer this to Sensuous Nude or Heavenly as an intimate scent. This evokes for me a woman with warm, delicately scented creamy lotionslightly musky, naked skin who has just woken up from her luxurious four poster bed swathed in white cotton in an airy villa on perhaps Mustique or some other Grenadine island.

I think I want to try it out again, who knows, maybe we can get along together I'll probably go ahead and get the edp next, although I am very impressed with the fragrance and longevity of the cheap body mist so far anyway! The name is Nude. Definitely the lightest and most subtle of Rih's scent's to date. I knew she was gonna bring her a-game.

I'll probably end up returning it. I haven't had any luck with Rihanna's perfumes. Close up milf masturbation. Bought BOTH wrong samples in search of that elusive delicious sweet scent I craved, and felt so foolish that I forbade myself to go back for the remaining possibility, Nude.

Nude being the preferred to me. I love Rihannas Nude. It isn't just a pretty face with a big name. In the end, Reb'l Fleur and Rogue Love are the guaranteed crowd pleasing ones.

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I'll speak for myself:

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Naked sexy africans There is an initial blast of a fruity, sweet, tropical scent that hints of something beautiful ahead. This is one of my favourite perfumes right now.
Milf short hair porn She is a pretty girl but the dress just seems unnecessary at this point.
Sexy girls ru I looked at the notes, and honestly could not pick out any of them.
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