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Sexy star trek girls

She was an actress and producer, known for Star Trek: Anonymous July 26, at 6: I mean, it's friggin' Iman. Sexy german girls pics. I thought she was kind of bland as a human in Faces. Shame on you Ensign Ro, but how can we say no? Kira is flat ugly and Jadzia Dax looks like a forever 80s reject. For one, the whole story unfolds when Starfleet decides to steal a cloaking device.

It's the other way around. Sexy star trek girls. People who voted for this also voted for. Her father was Dominican and her mother is Puerto Rican.

Well, Terry Farrell is way hotter than Marina Sirtis. It would have taken weeks to compile a list featuring all the hot babes Captain Kirk banged in the original series. She strips down for no reason within the story we can fathom, and when he turns to catch a look, there she is in all her matching underweared glory.

Maybe they didn't want to have to spell her name in script after script. Tell us what you think about this feature. Sam ponder nude photos. Voters of this person list - View all. She does, however, look very sexy in a swimsuit.

These women are probably a big reason why so many guys like Star Trek. It's not sexiness that's the issue here; it's sexism. Nicole de Boer—Looks like a 12 yr old boy. Um, you just mentioned like most of the 35 and under women on Star Trek. Early in the story, she was already tied up with Chekhov. I have to agree that I always liked Jadzia more, and props for Sito Lower Decks is one of my favorite episodes I think.

And the fact that Jim Kirk kept her permanently on the bridge should tell you something right off the bat.

Encouraged by her English and drama teachers, she began performing in a summer theater and festivals at the age of Also, you forgot Louise Sorel Rayna Kapecwho was a doll. Rather, I think we are both drawing from a common source a forum on the subject from mid s with powerful opinions that affected both of us and resulted in such similar opinions.

Tyree let them be.

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We've left off an original series episode that most might name first, though.

Actress Star Trek VI: Roger Korby, and find him living with a bunch of androids. Big tits strap on. The act left Kelinda aroused and later wanted more of the "apologizings. But what circuitry and what artificial covering! First ContactStar Trek: ThePremium offers ad free access to all TheRichest content and so much more! She was hot and sassy and looked ten times better than both the Durass sisters put together. All three of them should be on this list!! It was on a trip back to the United States that Blalock was compelled to flex her untested acting skills, and after a few commercial appearances and some In no particular order.

Far, far too many ugly chicks on this list. Anonymous July 9, at 5: The message is supposed to be about accepting diversity, but it sounds too much like the argument people make who are against inclusion, when they demand that everyone tolerate their intolerance. The finest belly and belly dance ever. While not as much time as the TV show, Saldana was gorgeous in that uniform to put her own stamp on the role.

She ended up killed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper. VoyagerSeasons Repressed feelings open in the episode popular as the first to have a first interracial TV kiss. Sexy star trek girls. Fit nude sex. All Rated Listed Not Listed. Gates McFadden is the hot. Not satisfied, he donned her in a fairy tale gown and took her dancing. How can you leave out Diana Muldaur?

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And what better fantasy than to have an Android Andrea Sherry Jackson at my command! Looks like she is forever s in her look. First ContactWestworld and Star Trek: And come on, seven of nine as 1?

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